Opponents of Measure S

Sharon Jones
Lemon Grove Deli Owner

“City Hall has a spending problem! Don’t let them put the burden on the backs of the hardworking people of Lemon Grove!”

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Sharon moved to Lemon Grove in 1986 and is a homeowner and business owner in the city. In April of this year, she will celebrate her 20-year anniversary of owning and operating her business, the Grove Grinder. Sharon also attends Lemon Grove City Council meetings and has been attending those meetings for the past 20 years.

Mary England
Lemon Grove City Council Member (Retired)

“We all want to solve Lemon Grove’s problems, but we need a plan that works for everyone in our community!”

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Mary moved with her parents to Lemon Grove in 1963. She lived there on and off with her parents while working for the next 47 years. She has owned a condo in Lemon Grove for the past 9 years and served as Secretary on the HOA Board for 2 terms. In 1994 Mary joined the Board of the Lemon Grove Chamber of Commerce and became the Executive Director and served in that capacity for over 10 years. In 2000 Mary was elected to the Lemon Grove City Council and served on the Council until her retirement from the City Council in 2012. She was a member of  the Lemon Grove at Sunrise Kiwanis Club and has had her post office box in Lemon Grove for the past 25 years. Mary served as President of the Lemon Grove Education  Foundation and raised funds to provide educational scholarships to people of all ages that live within the Lemon Grove School District. Those funds are still managed today by the San Diego Foundation. The interest is disbursed each year for scholarships, while the principal is kept in that fund to provide educational scholarships for perpetuity. In 1998 Mary volunteered to co-chair Proposition LL, the successful school bond measure passed by the voters  that renovated the schools within the Lemon Grove District.
Cookie Ringhand
Lemon Grove Resident for 66+ years

“Join us in voting NO! Don’t give the politicians MORE of your hard-earned money! You live within your means and so should the government of Lemon Grove. Enough is enough!”

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Cookie moved to Lemon Grove in 1959 and is a homeowner in the city. She is a real estate agent and has been selling properties throughout the area for the past 50 years.  Cookie served on the committee that created the General Plan when the city incorporated. She served as the Secretary of the Lemon Grove Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the Lemon Grove Soroptimist  Club for 20 years and was involved in all of  their charitable projects to enhance the lives of young women.
John L. Wood
Lemon Grove Resident for 32+ years

“Our families and seniors are struggling in the current economy, with the rising costs of housing food gasoline, medical expenses and childcare just to make ends meet.”

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John has lived in Lemon Grove for the past 32 years and is a homeowner in the city. John prides himself on having attended the Lemon Grove City Council meetings for the past 30 years. Prior to his retirement, John would take vacation time from his job to attend City Council meetings. John also attends scheduled Lemon Grove Planning Commission meetings and Lemon Grove Traffic Advisory meetings. John also  has attended MTS meetings for over 10 years and has been attending the Helix Water Board meetings for 15 years.

Haney Hong
President & CEO
San Diego County Taxpayers Association

“This Measure contains no guarantees for taxpayers. All the money will go into the general fund and can be used for anything including pension liabilities and salaries.” 

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