The City of Lemon Grove has been financially struggling for years, with a projected deficit of $400,000 by the end of this fiscal year.

Williams claims to have suffered a serious laceration over his eye, a bite wound, and broken rib among other injuries, causing pain, suffering and lost work. He contends Arambula committed “assault and battery against me.” He was reportedly treated at Alvarado Hospital.

Yesterday community activist Marcus Bush sued Lemon Grove City Councilmember Jerry Jones and City Manager Lydia Romero for abusing their power as public officials when they retaliated against Marcus after he criticized Jones’s “racist tendencies” on Facebook. Jones and Romero have been sued in their private capacities, not as public officials, which means their wrongdoing may not be subsidized by the taxpayers of Lemon Grove.

“A noticeable spelling error was discovered at a Lemon Grove intersection on Tuesday. At the 4-way intersection of Lincoln and Washington streets, the 10News Breaking News Tracker saw that “STPO” was painted on the pavement, but it is supposed to read STOP.”

“Wood contends the ballot measure certified earlier this year by the Lemon Grove city clerk and then approved by the City Council in November should be declared invalid because the Vote Yes group failed to follow state election code.”

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