The Politicians want to raise your taxes for LIFE!

That’s Crazy!

4 Reasons to Vote NO on Measure S


Measure S has No Expiration Date

While most tax increases sunset after a certain number of years, Measure S would exist forever. That means, even if the city no longer needs the increased revenue, they’ll still be able to keep taxing you.


There are No Guarantees on How This Money Will Be Spent

Despite proponents promising this funding will go toward public safety, there’s no guarantees written into the measure. That means politicians can spend the money on anything they want, including pensions and pay raises.


Lemon Grove has a Spending Problem

City leaders have given raises and stipends to city bureaucrats for years, while our streets, parks, retail areas, and downtown deteriorated. Despite a history of financial mismanagement, they want even more of your money!


There is No Plan for Improving the City’s Financial Standing

Lemon Grove’s politicians have consistently raided the city’s “reserve fund” to make up financial shortfalls. Rather than controlling spending, the city has instead “robbed” our rainy day fund to pay for out-of-control spending. Before raising our taxes, city leaders should put together a plan to put us on the road to fiscal responsibility.

Join Us in Voting NO on Measure S

Business owners, taxpayer advocates, and Lemon Grove leaders are stepping up to oppose Measure S. Just like you, these individuals have to live within their means and they believe the City of Lemon Grove should have to as well.

Paid for by No on S, Lemon Grove Neighbors Against the Lifetime Tax

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